Happiness doesn’t result from what we get, but from what we give.

Ben Carson

Happiness doesn…


FOTO: Friends Of The Orphans


A Very good day to all my readers!  On this warm and beautiful day in Cape Town, I am incredibly blessed to be able to sit down and take some time to write about an amazing organization called Friends of the Orphans (FOTO).

Through studying at the UCT, I’ve often had the pleasure of meeting great people with truly inspirational stories. One of these people has been Nabeehah Sayed, one of the founders of the FOTO non-profit organization. In short, FOTO is an organization that is making a small difference in the lives of those less fortunate. One of their main goals is to continually give of their time to children in orphanages and safe homes.  They believe that it is not only through donating money that we can give back to our communities, but rather through providing individuals with the love and affection that they often so desperately need.

Just yesterday, a friend of mine, Natasha Coppin and I took some time to attend their most recent charity even at a safe home called Heaven’s Nest in Ottery. This orphanage provides children who have been legally declared neglected, abused or abandoned with abundant, uncompromising love and a safe place to call home for a short while, before they are either re-integrated with their families or find foster or adoptive parents.

We had the opportunity to spend time with the children, playing with them on a jumping castle and drawing pictures. FOTO provided the children with great entertainment whilst feeding them delicious pizza, sweets and cold drinks. Overall, the children had a great day, but most importantly, they had the chance to just be kids again.

It is often easy to live our lives and forget about those that come from much more difficult lifestyles than our own. It is also easier to discard the thought that we can make a difference through providing friendship to these children, because it is always hard when the moment comes to say goodbye. However, it is incredibly rewarding to spend time with these children, as you are not only making a difference in their lives by providing them with moments of happiness, but you are making a difference in your own life too.

So if you have the urge to help out at an organization, why not look into FOTO and attend their next event? You can find them on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/foto.charity) or on Twitter (@youth_foto). You could also help out by donating to Heaven’s Nest (http://www.heavensnest.org.za/) or volunteering. Natasha also has an amazing blog called http://thedatespotblog.wordpress.com/ in which she encourages you and “someone special” to get out and do great things together such as helping out at a charity. So if you’d like to find out about interesting things to do in Cape Town or where to have your next adventure, check out her blog!

Have the most enjoyable Sunday!